Good Man

from by Dave Smallen

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It's late, it's too late to call
I probably wouldn't anyways, I hardly ever call
Unless somethings going wrong
Right now I'm just thinking
I know you worry, but I'm coming back
Never wanted to be tough but this life has made me like that
Whatever it takes to float
I'm not sinking

I got a girl now
And she says I'm a good man
And I believe her
I think I am

Still trying to make it, but the goals always change
Some have lost their faith in me and some they still remain
I was never cool
But I got something to say
And Richard Manuel, Nick Drake, Kurt Cobain
I know you've seen me make that choice I don't want to make it again
I want to be happy
I want you to know you raised me the right way

I got a girl now
And she pays mind to how tall I stand
And she believes in me
She says be patient, you know you can
I got a girl now
And she says I'm a good man
And I believe her
I think I am

And no one's an angel, I heard someone say
When your wrong is my right
And it just takes a little effort to push someone away
But to hold her you gotta hold tight
Yeah you gotta make time
You gotta lay something on the line

Remember that kid
That used to work for me
He tried to pull one over it was hard on the whole family
I felt no remorse, when I'd start him crying
Yeah I've been cruel, at times I've lost control
At first you're just talking then it builds up then it blows
I got no promises
But you gotta know I'm trying
I'm trying

I got a girl now
A reason to face each great goddamn
Ain't gonna leave her
No I know something good when it's in my hands
I got a girl now
And she says I'm a good man
And I believe her, I believe her, I believe her
I know I am


from Happiness, released December 13, 2011
Dave Smallen - Guitar, Vocals
Robert Cheek - Engineer, Mixing
Hans Dekline - Mastering

Written by Dave Smallen

Recorded at The Hangar in Sacramento




Dave Smallen Oakland

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